Duncanville Before and After School Program



Note: We have two pricing options this year for Public Schools and Charter Schools.
  • $70 Weekly fee (BEFORE and After School – Public)
  • $80 Weekly fee (BEFORE and After School – Charter)
  • $45 Weekly fee (BEFORE School Only – All)
  • $55 Weekly fee (After School Only – Public)
  • $65 Weekly fee (After School Only – Charter)
  • $50 Four day drop-in (After School Only – Public)
  • $40 Three day drop-in (After School Only – Public)
  • $30 Two day drop-in (After School Only – Public)
  • $20 One day drop-in (After School Only – Public)
  • Pay in full monthly $265 (Before/After School – Public)
  • Pay in full, monthly $305 (Before/After School – Charter)
  • Pay in full, monthly $205 (After School Only – Public)
  • Pay in full, monthly $245 (After School Only – Charter)

$5 weekly discount for two or more children (each) per household (After School Only)*

*For sibling discounts, purchases must be made at the Duncanville Fieldhouse front desk.

Structured Program

  • Encouraging Word of the Day for Before School Students
  • Exercise Activities – 1 hour
  • Lunch meal – 30 mins
  • Homework Assistance – 1 hr
  • Free Time – 30 mins

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After School Champions

The After School Champions program provides children the opportunity to thrive in an environment that encourages exploration and creative expression by providing inspiring and enriching activities the kids cannot get elsewhere. The After School program allows children to discover their potential and uncover their interests so they can confidently become part of their own community. This structured and resourceful program offers an environment that invests in a child’s development to include: emotional development; better understanding of their interests and goals; identifying their likes and dislikes; valuing team efforts; and taking chances in a safe environment where they are mentored and encouraged.

  • August 15th, 2018 thru Last Day of School 2019
  • For children ages 5–14 years of age
  • Monday – Friday 6:00 AM (Arrival) – 7:00 AM (Departure)
  • Monday–Friday 3 Hours Daily: 3:30–6:30 PM
  • We provide transportation from school via City of Duncanville Buses & Vans
  • Dedicated meal time, food provided by Our Future Children
  • Dedicated time Help/Homework Assistance
  • Dedicated Fun/Exercise Curriculum
  • Friendship Building
  • Career Speakers

Duncanville Fieldhouse is now providing early morning drop-off to Duncanville ISD.

This program is designed with your child in mind. Your child will be given an encouraging “word of the day” to take with them as they enter their school. The Duncanville Fieldhouse is known as Home of the Champions, and we want to help make your child feel like a champion each and every day in school and at home.

Before School Program opens at 6:00 AM

After School Program Duncanville Fieldhouse

We want to uplift, encourage, and Inspire our youth to be all they can be. Mentoring them in education through hands on training with skills, knowledge and wisdom, by means of our after-school program.

Kelly Williams – After School Program Coordinator.

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