Breakthrough Basketball

Announcing Breakthrough Basketball Scoring & Offensive Skills Camp in Dallas, Texas September - October, 2023!

This specialized 6-week camp will give you the drills and instruction you need to become an elite level scorer.

Go into season ready to increase your shooting percentage and range with better mechanics and more confidence in your shot. You will also be more difficult to guard with added dribble and finishing moves.
These are the secrets perfected by the world’s greatest shooters, and now they’re yours as part of the 6-week Scoring & Offensive Skills Camp.
Each week, the workout will be different and we will provide you with workouts you can take home. By the end of the session, you will have a comprehensive workout program to help you work on your own.
We have designed advanced workouts that vary each week to maximize improvement and prevent boredom. We will even give you work out sheets and drill diagrams so you can easily do these workouts at home.
September10,2023 - October15,2023