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Coder Kids

Why Code?

Every piece of technology that we use runs on computer programs. Your

computer and your apps were created by a computer programmer / software developer / coder. At Coder Kids, our main focus is teaching students the principles of computer programming through coding games, animations, and simple programs. We use platforms like Scratch, Python, and Unity to create these projects. We offer classes for grades Pre-K through 12 throughout Texas.

Why Coder Kids?

Coder Kids is a leading provider of project-based coding programs in Texas. We serve over 500 students with classes in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Coder Kids believes in bringing innovation and cutting edge learning to children throughout our state.

Curriculum Overview

We teach students the basics of computer science through games and animations. Students build projects and complete milestones to show mastery of skills.

Our after school program is designed for grades K-8. For students in grades K-2, we use apps and coding activities to teach logic and sequencing. Starting in 3rd grade, students code in Scratch ( to create more advanced projects.

Spring Break Camp: Coding in Scratch

March 16 – March 20 9:00AM – 12:00PM
PRICE $150.00 for 1 week

This class is open to all community members

Spring Break Camp: Minecraft Gaming

March 16 – March 20 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
PRICE $150.00 for 1 week
(Payment plan is available! See payment section.)