Policies and Procedures

1.1 Program Objectives:

At DFH/ B.O.S.S. Camp our objectives are to provide program participants with:

  • a safe, clean, environment to spend their days
  • a quality program which involves a balance of activities (i.e. Specialty camps, field trips) stressing fun and enjoyment
  • an opportunity to acquire new and to improve existing skills/abilities
  • a constructive outlet for energy and self-expression in order to grow and learn
  • a chance to socialize and develop new friendships

1.2 Program Details:

DFH /  B.O.S.S. Summer Program:

Ages: 5 to 14 year s of age


6:30 am. – 7:00 a.m. Early Drop-off
7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. Supervised Drop-off
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Structured Program
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Supervised Pick-up

Number of Staff: 60 to 70

Staff to Child Ratio: 1:25 during specialty camps and on campus activities; 1:15 during field trips

Activities: Specialty camps on Mon/Tue/Thu – Field trips on Mondays & Fri, except in July during NCAA Live Events where they can vary.

2.1 Registration:

All parents must complete online registration. Mandatory paperwork and payments must be provided once the registration application has been submitted and processed.

2.2 Fees:

Fees: registration, tuition, late fees, T-shirt, and some parent-paid field trips.

  • The DFH  B.O.S.S. Camp provides a receipt for all financial transactions. The receipts provide reason for transaction, cost and our tax number.
  • Parents are advised to keep this receipt for tax purposes. No other statements will be provided.
  • Registration payment is due in full at the time of registration. All campers must be registered online.
  • Tuition- payments are by session, or weekly.
  • Payments can only be made in person with cash, check, credit card, money order/cashier’s check.
  • Late Fees- any child that is not picked up by 6:05 p.m. will be charged $10.00 at 6:06 p.m. and $2.00 for each minute thereafter. This payment must be paid in full before the next drop-off date.
  • Parents will receive a one-time grace card which will have a late fee.
  • Parents who are late consecutively (3 times) will be charged $5.00 per minute after 6:06 p.m.
  • There is a $10.00 late fee assessed for tuition payment made after the first day of camp.
  • T-shirts – all campers are required to have a DFH/ B.O.S.S. t-shirt for all field trips. Campers are not allowed to attend camp on a field trip day without a DFH/B.O.S.S. t-shirt.
  • Field Trips – there are some field trips that parents will be required to pay a portion or all of the cost of the trip and this fee can be paid in cash. Field trips fees must be received by the posted deadline.

2.3 Refund:

There are NO REFUNDS for any reason.

2.4 Drop-off and Pickup:

  • Campers can be dropped off as early as 6:30 a.m. after they have been signed in.
  • On days when the camp offers curbside drop-off campers will be signed in by our staff.
  • Any campers with allergies must be signed in by the parent(s).
  • On non-curbside drop-off days it is not permissible to drop off any camper without first signing them into camp.
  • Sign-in will serve as the morning attendance for camp participation.
  • Campers must be in compliance with the dress code when they are dropped off.
  • In order for anyone to pick up a camper they must have a camp issued I.D badge.
  • There will be a $5.00 replacement charge for the 3rd ID badge made for any authorized pickup person.
  • On field trip day pick-up is not allowed before 5:00 p.m.
  • Pickup will not be allowed between 4:30 p.m. and 4:45 p.m. on non-field trip days as children are in the middle of transitioning back into the gym.
  • Camper pick-up is as follows:
    • At DFH B.O.S.S. Camp campers are picked up outside (curbside) parents remain in their car and children will come out to them.
    • Parents or person picking up a camper must know the pin# that you gave your child when you registered for camp in order for the camper to be released.
    • The pin# should only be shared with those individuals that you intend to allow to pick-up your child.
    • Campers will be released to anyone that knows the pin# for your child.
    • Anyone that does not know the pin# will not be allowed to pick-up.
    • Any parent or authorized pickup person that does not follow these guidelines or attempts to circumvent these guidelines will be subject to immediate dismissal from the program.

2.5.1 DFH B.O.S.S. Dress Code:

  • No child will be allowed to enter camp if they are in violation of the dress code:
  • No short shorts. Shorts must come to at least the index finger.
  • No hoop or dangling earrings for the girls.
  • No earrings for the boys.
  • No flip flops or sandals, must wear regular tennis shoes.
  • No halter tops or tube tops, all tops must have sleeves.
  • No sagging pants.
  • No clothing with derogatory remarks.
  • No low or deep v-cut tops.

2.5.2 Swimming Activities:

  • Girls’ swimsuits must be a one piece or a tankini (no stomach showing). Tops and bottoms must be modest.
  • Swim shoes are encouraged.
  • Wear swimsuit under clothing.
  • Purses, one-sacks, backpacks etc. are not the responsibility of DFH. We encourage you not to bring them.

2.6 Discipline Policy:

  • A. Zero Tolerance Policy – the DFH/ B.O.S.S Program has determined that some infractions are deemed so serious that these violations will result in immediate suspension and the child must be picked up within 2 hours of notification. These violations include fighting, stealing, foul language and any inappropriate action or behavior toward a staff person. Any infraction not listed or implied will be left to the discretion of the Program Director (Suspension time will be set by the Director)
  • B. The following outlines a list of corrective actions which leaders are permitted to use when dealing with a participant displaying inappropriate behavior. The discipline measure must be fair and correspond with the severity of the misbehavior.
    1. First Incident – Verbal Warning: Child has explanation provided to them explaining what they did wrong and appropriate behavior expected.
    2. Second Incident – repeat first incident procedures and add 10 Minute Time Out: Leader removes a participant from the activity.
    3. Third Incident – repeat steps 1 & 2 and enforce the Removal of Privileges and Note/Call to Parents. Suspension is also a possibility depending on the severity of the infraction.
  • C. Staff will keep a record of discipline incidents. *
    • A. Should a child need to be spoken to 3 or more times in a day or behavior is deemed drastic in nature, a discipline form will be given to the parents to review, sign or a phone call to the parent will occur.
    • B. Campers who threaten the safety of themselves or others will be suspended from the camp indefinitely.
    • C. Parents or guardians that refuse to sign discipline forms will subject their child(ren) to immediate suspension.
    • D. If a child is suspended twice the following will be applied:
      • 1st suspension – 1 – 2 days
      • 2nd suspension – 3 – 4 days
      • 3rd infraction – immediate removal from program

2.7 Lunch:

All campers will have a specified lunch time. During this time campers will be provided a lunch.

When the camp is providing the meal it is up to the parent to provide a substitute meal if their child does not want the meal provided. A lunch menu is provided in advance to all parents and campers. If your child brings their own lunch in a

2.8 Field Trips:

  • I understand that in the event I don’t want my child to participate in a particular event or field trip it is my responsibility to make other arrangements for my child.
  • DFH / B.O.S.S. field trip t-shirt MUST be worn on all field trips.
  • Field trips are on Mondays and Fridays.
  • Head counts, wristbands and roll call are used to track campers during field trips. Any camper that removes a wristband or causes a staff to get an inaccurate count is subject to suspension or dismissal from the program.
  • No pickup or drop-off at a field trip site.
  • Anyone arriving after the bus has departed will be placed in another activity for the day if the entire camp is not on the field trip. If the entire camp is on the field trip it is the parent responsibility to provide child care for that child.
  • Parents are only allowed to attend field trips if a background check has been completed a week prior to the field trip. However, they must pay the full amount of the field trip, as well as their own transportation to and from the location.

2.9 Transportation:

  • Campers will be transported by means of school buses.
  • Capacity limits will be observed.
  • Students are expected to follow generally accepted standards for safety and behavior on a bus.
  • Whenever possible females sit at the front of the bus and males sit at the back of the bus.
  • Students that don’t follow directions on the bus as given by a staff person or the bus driver will be subject to Third Offense Discipline.

2.10 Lost & Found:

  • DFH /  B.O.S.S. is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken article that a child brings to camp.
  • Lost and found items will be placed at the front desk daily, and kept for 14 days before being donated to a local charity.
  • If your child brings anything home that you did not buy, please return it to camp.
  • All lost and found items are discarded on Friday evenings.

2.11 Emergency Procedures:

  • A. Major Injury (i.e. broken limb, unconsciousness)
    1. Provide necessary first aid.
    2. Call Ambulance – 911.
    3. Notify Program Director and Parents.
    4. All other leaders continue program with other campers away from injured individual.
    5. Leader who performs first aid to accompany child to hospital.
    6. All staff involved will complete a detailed Injury/Illness Report as soon as possible.
  • B. Medium Injury (i.e. heat stroke)
    1. Provide necessary first aid.
    2. Notify Program Director and Parents – put child in their care as soon as possible.
    3. Call ambulance only after getting authorization from the parent- 911.
    4. All other leaders continue program with other campers away from injured individual.
    5. All staff involved will complete a detailed Injury/Illness Report as soon as possible.
  • C. Minor Injury (i.e. cuts, scrapes)
    1. Provide necessary first aid.
    2. Call parents if deemed necessary (decision will be made by Director or his/her designate). Parents may be informed by note or at end of the day when they pick up their child.
    3. Fill out Injury/Illness Report.
  • D. Medications – Leaders are not allowed to give medications. The office staff will be allowed to give medications if all of the following procedures are met:
    1. Medication form must be completed for each medication to be dispensed.
    2. Medication must be dated and in an approved container.
    3. Medication must be from a doctor approved prescription.
    4. Campers are not allowed to have medications in their possession.
  • E. Allergies and medical problems must be noted on the Medical History Form. Staff needs to be made aware of allergy treatment instructions.
  • F. A first aid kit will be taken to all off – site locations.

2.12 Procedure for Reporting Suspected Child / Sexual Abuse

Please refer to “Appendix C” Child Protection Information, for an explanation of your role in regards to reporting child or sexual abuse. It is important for you to understand the information presented.

  1. If child abuse or sexual abuse is suspected, report immediately to the Program Director.
  2. Be sure to document all details of suspicion on an Incident Form. Include: child and family name, address, nature of suspected abuse and any other pertinent details (i.e. child’s behavior, verbal conversations with child, etc.).
  3. The Program Director will investigate incident further and meet with staff. A phone call to CPS will occur at that time.
  4. All details of such a report are strictly confidential. Any breach of this confidence will result in staff disciplinary measures.

Be sure to document as much information as possible in the Incident/Behavior Report.

Parent Responsibility:

  • I understand that in the event I don’t want my child to participate in a particular event or field trip it is my responsibility to make other arrangements for my child.
  • I agree to ensure that my child(ren) report(s) to camp daily in compliance with DFH Dress Code.
  • I understand that the DFH/ Metro B.O.S.S. is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken article that my child brings.
  • I understand that it is the policy of the DFH / Metro B.O.S.S. that any student that leaves with the group must return with the group.
  • I understand that if I transport my child on a field trip I must transport my child thereafter.
  • I understand that it is not permissible for me to transport any child other than my own without the written consent of that child’s parents or guardians.
  • I understand that my child will not be allowed to leave with another parent without my written consent turned in to the Director’s office in advance.
  • I am aware that I am responsible for providing an alternate lunch in the event my child chooses not eat the lunch provided.
  • I am aware that if my child is not picked up by 6:06 p.m. I will be charged an initial fee of $10.00 and $2.00 for every minute after that. This payment must be paid in full before the next drop-off date. Parents who are late consecutively (3 times) will be charged $5.00 for every minute after 6:06pm.
  • I understand myself or any other authorized pick-up or drop off person that does not follow the guidelines set-forth by the DFH / Metro B.O.S.S. for pick-up will be subject to immediate dismissal from the program.
  • I am aware that any fees that I am responsible for must be paid before my child is allowed to continue in the DFH.
  • I am aware that in the event my child becomes ill and needs to be picked up while attending the DFH it is my responsibility to make sure my child is picked up no later than TWO hours after receiving the call informing me of the above situation.
  • I am aware that if my child is not picked up within that two hour window that the late fee policy will be enforced and fees will be charged accordingly.
  • I give my consent for my child to be included in any photographs or video that pertains to the DFH or any organization that is affiliated with the DFH / Metro Safe Agenda.
  • I am aware that it is the policy of DFH to not issue refunds.
  • I understand that DFH does not provide end of year tax forms.
  • I agree that it is my responsibility to keep all receipts provided to me by the DFH for my tax records.
  • I accept responsibility for my child’s behavior and anyone present at the camp on my child’s behalf. This could include but not be limited to accepting cost for any damages caused or expulsion for any inappropriate behavior.
  • I understand that complaints must be put in writing before meetings for discussion can be held.
  • I agree to observe and comply with all DFH/ Metro B.O.S.S. Policies and Procedures. I understand that I agree to observe and comply with all DFH/ Metro B.O.S.S. Policies and Procedures. I understand that failure or refusal to comply with any DFH / Metro B.O.S.S. policy will result in the immediate withdrawal of my child from the DFH Summer Program.
  • I agree that any policy or procedure not written or implied is left to the discretion of the Director.