360 Cycle Ride or Die

Regular Pricing

  • First Ride FREE
  • 1 Ride $20
  • 5 Rides (New Clients Only) $79
  • 10 Rides $180
  • 20 Rides $340

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360 Cycle Ride or Die

360cycle provides inspiring and empowering cycling classes provide a full-body workout using weights to allow you to burn up to 1200 calories per class.

Day Time(s) Description
Sunday  2:00 pm (60 minutes) HIP-HOP X-treme
Tuesday  9:00 am (45 minutes) 360Cycle
Wednesday 6:00 am (45 minutes)
7:00 pm (45 minutes)
Breakfast Club – COMING SOON
Saturday  8:30 am (30 minutes)
9:45 am (45 minutes)
Intro to Spin
360 Cycle

Indoor Cycling Instructor Wanted

360 Cycle is hiring a Part-Time indoor cycle instructor for its Duncanville cycle studio.

As an instructor, you will command a room of 30+ people for an exhilarating, personal, motivating and fun experience in each class. You will inspire riders, transform bodies and ultimately change lives. Our instructors are integral to creating the experience of a journey that connects the MIND, BODY and SOUL. As we continue to expand, we are looking for Part-Time instructor in the fitness industry to learn and teach powerful, motivating, rhythm based classes.

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