Pura Vida Afro-Latin Dance is passionate about the history, culture, language, and the dances of Afro- or Latin countries. Having traveled to over 20 countries in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, PVALD instructors have the goal of bringing the experience, knowledge, and culture of the greater Afro-Latin Diaspora to you! At Pura Vida, we focus on concepts, not patterns and on history and cultural respect, not movement assimilation.



Juleon has been dancing salsa and bachata for nearly 10 years and many other dances (merengue, semba, kizomba, cumbia, kompa, and freestyle) for much of his life. Taking a unique approach to dance, Juleon focuses more on concepts, not patterns. An IT Consultant and Project Manager by trade, Juleon enjoys and excels at breaking down the fundamentals of timing, body movement, and connection so that students can use those principles to build their own styles! Juleon has taught classes from Colombia to Singapore and is excited to share his love of the dance and history with the people of Fort Worth. When he’s not dancing or working, Juleon enjoys pondering the connections between life, relationships, and partner dancing.


Pura Vida Afro-Latin Dance Schedule
Day Class Times
Thursdays Bachata (Upstairs Event Room) 8 pm – 9 pm
Thursdays Salsa (Upstairs Event Room) 9 pm – 10 pm


Our group classes are fun and full of energy! Come join us at our Duncanville Fieldhouse location (upstairs) to see what all the buzz is about! With the group class experience, you’re guaranteed to get the same quality instruction, but with the opportunity to meet new people and practice those hot moves with new friends! Group classes are a great option for those new to the area, a unique date night, or even for those looking for a fun way to exercise and get fit!