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Duncanville Before and After School Program

! Enrollment Instructions:

  1. Start by registering your child HERE.
  2. Once registration is complete return to this portion of the page.
  3. Select the Before/After School Package you would like below and click the link.
  4. Create or login to your Self-Service account.
  5. Complete purchase.



Public Schools Weekly Rates

Charter Schools Weekly Rates

Daily drop-off rate for children ENROLLED in Before/After School program $30.00

Daily drop-off rate for children NOT enrolled in Before/After School program $35.00

[These rates DO NOT reflect Thanksgiving, Winter Break or Spring Break Camps. Rates will be provided.]

See program coordinator if you need more than one day per week, but fewer than five.

$5 weekly discount for two or more children (each) per household (After School Only)*

ts, purchases must be made at the Duncanville Fieldhouse front desk.

Structured Program

  • Encouraging Word of the Day for Before School Students
  • Exercise Activities – 1 hour
  • Lunch meal – 30 mins
  • Homework Assistance – 1 hr
  • Free Time – 30 mins

Need Help?

If you need assistance filling out the form give us a call at:


Registrations Now Open for '19-'20


After School Champions

The After School Champions program provides children the opportunity to thrive in an environment that encourages exploration and creative expression by providing inspiring and enriching activities the kids cannot get elsewhere. The After School program allows children to discover their potential and uncover their interests so they can confidently become part of their own community. This structured and resourceful program offers an environment that invests in a child’s development to include: emotional development; better understanding of their interests and goals; identifying their likes and dislikes; valuing team efforts; and taking chances in a safe environment where they are mentored and encouraged.

  • August 19th, 2019 thru Last Day of School 2020
  • For children ages 5–14 years of age
  • Monday – Friday 6:00 AM (Arrival) – 7:00 AM (Departure)
  • Monday–Friday 3 Hours Daily: 3:30–6:30 PM
  • We provide transportation from school via City of Duncanville Buses & Vans
  • Dedicated meal time, food provided by Our Future Children
  • Dedicated time Help/Homework Assistance
  • Dedicated Fun/Exercise Curriculum
  • Friendship Building
  • Career Speakers

Early morning drop-off to Duncanville ISD.

This program is designed with your child in mind. Your child will be given an encouraging “word of the day” to take with them as they enter their school. The Duncanville Fieldhouse is known as Home of the Champions, and we want to help make your child feel like a champion each and every day in school and at home.

Before School Program opens at 6:00 AM

Register Below

  1. Using the form below, start by selecting “I am an individual registering.” then the form will toggle open.
  2. Next, check to see if there are additional payment options listed in the dropdown menu.
  3. Fill out the form completely and submit it.
After School Program Duncanville Fieldhouse

We want to uplift, encourage, and Inspire our youth to be all they can be. Mentoring them in education through hands on training with skills, knowledge and wisdom, by means of our after-school program.

Kelly Williams – After School Program Coordinator.


“I am very impressed with the Before and After School Program at the Duncanville Fieldhouse. My daughter is new to the school district and her school and the Program Coordinator put my mind at ease knowing they will pick my daughter up on time, feed her, and safely transport her to the Fieldhouse. They will even assist her with her homework, if she needs it. After speaking with the Program Coordinator several times over the phone, I felt confident that she truly cares about the kids in the program. I enrolled my daughter in the program and have been very pleased every since. Additionally, the center is really clean, the staff is very friendly and helpful. The price for the afterschool program is very reasonable considering they transport my daughter from school to the center, help with homework, if needed and feed her. For a single mom that is priceless! My daughter is happy as well. She prefers I pick her up around 6:30 pm, even though I can get there by 5:45 pm on a good day, because she really likes going there. I would recommend this place to any parent(s) seeking before and/or after school care for their child(ren).” – gachahope k (from Google)