summer camp

Coach William Pearson
June 1, 2017
Coach Pearson on the significance of Summer Camp
Coach Pearson on the significance of Summer Camp In this video the Director of DFH Metro S.A.F.E. Camp, William Pearson "Coach Pearson", speaks about the significance and the impact that an effectively run summer camp can have on the lives of all children. With summer just around the corner, on April 15th parents started registering their children for...
May 5, 2017
Metro Volunteer Program
METRO VOLUNTEER PROGRAM The MVP program is intended for students 15 years of age or going to the 10th grade or higher. The program allows students to volunteer in the summer camp and gain valuable work experience. This work experience can be used when the students apply for jobs going forward. To work for the...
January 13, 2017
Breakthrough Basketball Elite Guard Next Level Camp Set for June 27-29

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