TGYBL Winter Basketball League

TGYBL Winter Basketball League Registration is now open. See below for new announcements!

Welcome to the 2021 TGYBL Winter Basketball league. Our Youth Sports philosophy is to provide an atmosphere with an emphasis on competitive fun, development of character, and fair play. We believe our youth basketball league helps families and individuals grow personally, clarify values, improve relationships, appreciate diversity, develop leadership skills and most of all, have fun!

2021 will be the 12th year of league play for the TGYBL Basketball League. We greatly appreciate all the organizations that have competed in the TGYBL Basketball League and we are looking forward to bringing you many more years of fun, competitive youth basketball.


TGYBL is made up of Division I teams and Division II teams.

  • DIVISION I – This Division consists of competitive teams that are considered “above-average” and may play in basketball tournaments often. This is the “Top Gun” division.
  • DIVISION II – This Division consists of recreational teams. These are organizations that usually compete in many different sports throughout the year.
  • AGE REQUIREMENTS – The age groups are as follows:
  1. 4 and Under – coed
  2. 6 and Under – coed
  3. 8 and Under Division I & Division II – Girls/Boys
  4. 10 and Under Division I & Division II – Girls/Boys
  5. 12 and Under Division I & Division II – Girls/Boys
  6. 14 and Under – Girls/Boys

(Ages are as of September 1st, 2020)

  • COST – $35 per player (TGYBL does not charge a team fee). League ID card $5.
  • GAME LOCATION – League games will be played at the Duncanville Fieldhouse and Arlington ISD/Mansfield ISD gymnasiums.
  • LEAGUE START – The official first game of league play will be January 9th, 2021.
  • TEAM PRACTICE – TGYBL offers 1 hour of practice space per week for all teams registered before December 25th, 2020 (Practice locations may be limited due to the COVID-19 Pandemic).
  • REGISTRATION – Registration is now open. The registration form is below.


Practice time available!

For more info and to register your team, go to

or call 817-727-4182 

Games are played on Saturdays starting  January 9th 2021