Ultraviolet Meditation

Classes Begin May 22, 2019

Kimberly has been meditating for over 10 years and began the practice in 2007 at Dhamma Siri in Kaufman, Texas under the tutelage of the assistant teachers of S.N. Goenka.  She has also studied at Dhamma Pakasa in Illinois.  Kimberly is excited to share her knowledge and skills to help teach others how to create peace and harmony in their lives  through the beauty and power of stillness.


  • Breathwork ( 5 mins) – Basic breathing exercises to connect to the body
  • Instruction  ( 5 mins) – Brief explanation of the technique
  • Meditation – (15 mins) –Gentle background music to create the meditative state
  • Interlude – (5 mins)
  • Silent meditation (20 mins) –  Meditate in complete silence.  Learn to silence out background noise and sharpen mental focus.
  • Closing (5 mins)


  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Water
  • Pillow and/or a Mat to sit on
  • Small blanket or sweater to keep warm if you get cold easily
Class Day Time
Meditation Wednesday 8:05 PM - 9:00 PM

$10.00 Drop-Ins

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